We know that that you're not made of money - if you were, it's unlikely that you'd be seeking our help now! With this in mind, we've developed 3 pricing plan options - each designed to give the same end result, while helping you maintain your monthly budget in the process. With monthly plans ranging from $59-$159, we're sure you'll find one to meet your needs.

Are you active duty military or a veteran? If so, we applaud you for your dedication to this great nation and want to offer you a discounted monthly rate. With proof of your affiliation, you qualify for a 10% discount on all monthly plans (discount does not apply to the Start-up fee).

Is your spouse also in need of our services? Bring them aboard within the first 30 days of your enrollment and they'll receive a 50% discount on their Start-up Fee (discount does not apply to the monthly plan fees).



Each monthly plan will ultimately produce the same results if you see it through to the end, so please keep this in mind when budgeting for this new monthly expense. Once you have pulled your credit reports (don't worry, we'll show you how!) and we've had a chance to do an in-depth report analysis, based on the number of delinquencies you have and your end result timeframe, you'll choose the plan that works best for you.

The Armadillo Plan (our most popular plan!) is ideal for clients that have 5 or fewer negative accounts on their reports. Clients that choose this plan are in no rush to get to the finish line - but they know they need to be headed that way! Disputes are monitored monthly and correspondence is sent via USPS first class mail. This plan is PERFECT for clients on a tight fiscal budget, with most clients seeing optimal results in the 9-12 month range, and many seeing maximum results even sooner.

The Bluebonnet Plan was designed for clients with 6-10 disputed accounts, who need to see results quicker than what is expected with the Armadillo Plan. Bluebonnet Plan clients have set their sights on making a purchase (new car, boat or major appliance maybe?) and they are determined to make that purchase WITHOUT paying insanely high interest rates to do so. Disputes are monitored bi-weekly and correspondence is sent via USPS Certified Mail. Need maximum results in the 6-9 month range? Then the Bluebonnet Plan is for you!

The BIG TEX Plan is ALL.ABOUT.YOU! Everything is bigger in Texas, right? Well this plan is THE BIGGEST! Clients who choose the BIG TEX Plan usually have in excess of 10 disputed accounts, and have the least amount of time to wait for results. With DAILY dispute monitoring (correspondence sent via USPS Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested), it's the fastest track to maximum results, with most clients reaching their end goal in the 3-6 month range. Because the monitoring is so intense, this plan requires clients to maintain enrollment in a credit monitoring service (don't worry, we'll walk you through getting in with one!).


Did you know that many employers now check your credit before extending a job offer?

Scenario: You wake up one morning, get dressed for work and your phone rings. Upon answering it, you hear your boss' voice on the other end telling you that "your services are no longer needed" at XYZ Company.  While your immediate response is "WOW - I just got fired and boy am I mad", you're not that way for long because you have tons of great contacts and everyone that has ever worked with you knows your one of the hardest workers around...finding a new job will be a breeze! So, you take off your work boots, slip on your walking shoes and you prepare to go out and conquer finding new employment. You submit several applications and then you wait. The next day all of the companies that you applied with call to let you know that you can't be considered for a position with their company because of your credit score!

Outcome: You just got turned down for a job because of your bad credit, thus costing you thousands of dollars!

Did you know that your car INSURANCE rates are determined by your credit score?

Yep, you read that right - and don't feel bad, you're not alone! Most consumers have no idea that their insurance rates are determined by their credit scores.

Scenario: You haven't changed insurance companies in several years, but your 15 year old son is getting ready to hit the streets, so you call your insurance agent, only to find out that you literally can't afford the premium. So you start shopping around and get the same high premium numbers from basically every company you try. Then you find out the why - it's because you've been lumped in with the "bad credit drivers club".

Outcome: You're now working a 2nd job to afford your son's insurance premiums which are literally costing you a small fortune.

Credit Restoration can
in just a few months!


We take great pride in knowing that you've entrusted us to assist you with your credit restoration journey, and we are are committed to making this one of the best experiences possible. While you're enrolled in our program, we PROMISE that...